Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It was found that the tarballs made from the 3rd Party script were being created. The problem was that all files in the the archive could not be fully extracted. Further understanding of the tar command was needed in order to see if files could be extracted safely and without risk from back-up archives. Testing outside of the 3rd party script needed to be performed to analyze why things were failing. Further Knowledge needed to be attained to reach a good understanding of the tar program. Knowledge needs to encompass tar create, extract and incremental commands to ensure that a backup regime was correctly enabled. Gaining a good understanding of tar commands may lead to either ditching the 3rd Party Script or creating a script that will work to our requirements.
In any case the employment of 3rd Party or home-made backup script will require knowledge in the following (This knowledge will be necessary in future systems administration and application development circumstances anyway so nothing is wasted by learning how to use these applications/commands/scripts anyway):
- Basic Bash Scripting - for setting up our own scripts to back-up data
- Tar, Gzip, Bzip and Incremental backup settings
- File ownerships settings and requirements
Outside of this there is still the issue of post server reboot auto LVM volume remounting to be solved so that all and sundry can get to files in the file storage folders.


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