Friday, April 08, 2005


Well I've been busy in other areas lately, as well as having quite a bit of time off for Easter. Spent a bit of time installing the windows version of Mozilla on workstations this week. This will give staff the opportunity to get to know it before changing over operating systems. It will also hopefully make it easier to transfer mail data over to linux when push comes to shove.
Have installed calendar and we managed to get an ftp site up and running for staff to update via the web. This took quite a while. Accessing the site via Internet Explorer is a breeze. You type in the address in your browser enter your password and your there. We tried doing this using Mozilla and had no luck whatsoever, so an afternoon of searching for a solution ensued. Finally we worked out that you need to use the syntax:

Wierd thing is, some users can log in and others can't. Don't know why - we've all got our network accounts configured the same way.


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