Monday, March 21, 2005


Well it may be one of those times where a weekend is the best remedy for a problem that seems unsolvable.
After getting windows on the fileserver and partitioning the drive with fdisk I had no luck installing Fedora 3.0. I got the same old bug message.

Assertion ((C*heads+H)*sectors+s==A) at disk_dos.c:495 in function probe_partition_for geom () failed

I looked around on the web for a bit of information and it seems that it is a common bug. I tried tab-entering the "ignore cancel" notifications and installing anyway to see if installation was possible but unlike others who have met with success was met with a reboot request after configuring my install and selecting packages. Seems as though my partitioning was created anyway. My next strategy was to install Fedora 2.6 and the update from that to 3.0 this worked, but you've got to remember to reboot into the older version and accept the license and enter a username. Then you can go ahead and install 3.


At 12:25 pm, Blogger Kurt Heine said...

Dear Steve,
I suggest you get your hands on partition magic (later version) and try to create partitions using that.

An easier method is to install windows on 10GB of the hard drive and then install Fedora Core 3 on a new parition which is 10GB. That way windows is happy because you are creating it first and then linux can then do the rest and create the correct boot loader.


At 12:55 pm, Blogger Steve said...

Thanks Kurt but my fdisk solution to create a windows partition worked real swell.
The next dual boot install I could use Partition Magic to avoid losing whats already there. In this case it has been a strategy to get around the bug in Fedora 3.


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