Thursday, March 17, 2005


Back to work today to swap over the cd burner to a dvd burner on one of hour dual-op Linux Windows systems. Well managed to get the dvd burner into the case ok! Woops, the software for this burner isn't writing to the hard drive. Must not be picking up the dvd burner. Driver probs are my worst nightmare. Might have to swap back to the cd burner. So I take out the dvd burner out and then put the cd burner in. Still no action with this software. Whats going on? Well, lets try it in another machine. Nope doesn't work on my laptop. Wait a minute, theres nothing on this cd at all! Its completely blank. Have to get some software that works. Right got that, now I'm putting back the DVD burner. Installing software. Check that it burns... Yes! Ok lets boot to linux and try to burn. How do you do it? Can't find anything on the redhat menu. Looking, looking looking. Aha I remember its in the file browser. Yep burn:/// and it works.


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