Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Vine has potential to provide a means by which to obtain files located on a windows operating system from a workstation configured with both windows and linux. I have played around with this a bit but I need to quench my thirst of this knowledge further to actually get it to work. There is another application that can open a portal through the looking glass which I have yet to checkout. Can't remember the name currently though.

Mounting the windows operating system (an unfortunate phrase), worked a treat on those dual-op workstations with VFat partitions. But of course on a Window's XP system you could only see the NTFS partition. You couldn't see into the VFat. Ho-hum, so I am yet to get around that one.


At 10:19 am, Blogger Kurt Heine said...

There are 2 projects that I know that allow you to mount an NTFS partition. They are :
This project allows access to the NTFS partition within the computer. It is read-only access but they are working on getting it to a stage where read-write access would be possible.
This project uses wine and the native Windows NTFS driver to mount the partition as read-write. It also uses the LUFS which is a user mounted file system. Its old and may work but you would need to test. Use an old copy of Red Hat (say 9) and it should work fine.

There are commercial products and the major one is



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