Saturday, February 19, 2005


Looking at efficient ways to get the data from the one to the other. At the start I looked at getting the ODBC going between the two but it looked like taking quite a bit of fiddling from the MySQL end. I did get the driver into XP but after that things started to take too long so I gave up on that direction.

The method I chose wasn't pretty. Still you learn by your mistakes. Next time I will configure the data in FileMaker with a few calculation fields first, then export to a .csv file rather than spending time debugging Find - Replace steps in a word processing tool which I used to get things to look like an insert statement via a .sql file.

A couple of tricks I learned:
  • Do a simple mock sql INSERT first off in phpmysqladmin and copy it to a text file. Then go from there. That way you don't have to copy the column names into the INSERT statement. It seems you have to do this to get MySQL to pull the data in.
  • Sort your data into the same sequence in the export dialogue box in FileMaker then you'll have it ready to go for MySQL - it's got to be in the right sequence to writ


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