Friday, February 18, 2005


This is the configuration that SUSE performed to partition the hard drive on the laptop

/dev/hda 37.2 GB ST94019A 0 4863
/dev/hda1 17.0 GB HPFS/NTFS /windows/C 0 2224
/dev/hda2 1.8 GB Win95 FAT32 LBA /windows/D 4623 4863
/dev/hda3 18.3 GB Extended 2225 4622
/dev/hda5 462.7 MB Linux swap swap 2225 2283
/dev/hda 17.9 GB Linux native / 2284 4622

Its a pretty good configuration so I am hoping that when I install redhat 2.6 on my laptop I can use it
as a basis for setting up the partitions on that machine.

Why Not Use SUSE's Stuff

I'm doing the Redhat course so it would be easier to use a Redhat Product
I've used Fedora Core before
SUSE didn't allow passwords greater than 8 digits
The Konqueror Browser was even slower that Mozilla
I like the design of Fedora GUI
I want to keep the heterogeneity of the system
SUSE seems to take ages to boot up

I think thats enough reasons to install Fedora 2.6 so thats next.


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