Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Rats, things are never as straight forward as you think. Planning for these things is a bit like placing a bet at the local casino! After using fdisk for about an hour and a half I'm just going through formatting a c drive for windows 98 on a partition of 10 GB. First I tried installing windows straight off the CD, that didn't work. It said it couldn't format the partition after it tried doing it for five minutes. So I'm guessing I've got to use fdisk.


At 2:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes you need to boot with your fdisk ( windows 98 STARTUP ) floppy disk. select fdisk. then delete partions. hit esc. create primary DOS partion. then hit cntrl+alt+del to reboot then at A: prompt type " format(space) C:
it will then tell you all data will be lost and you select yes and it wil naturaly format the HDD in FAT32 files and you will be able to load with your cd. just put cd in with it. select D:/ startup.exe

At 9:24 am, Blogger Steve said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous.
There are a few ways to fry this egg it seems. The other way is to go into bios - ctrl delete or shift - depending on your make of pc, then change the boot disc parameters to cd.
Then do your partitioning in linux. Easey Peasey.


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