Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Oh well, windows was lost during the install - I think it was there, but it had gone to a higher plain of operating system heaven where it couldn't be reached. All that was left of it was a bit of machine code, something like {[<^\?{}t. I think the "t" means "Go and have a cup of tea instead."
Time for a contingency plan. Don't think I can be bothered installing Windows and then Linux again, there is only 10 GB on this machine and I think it doesn't like the concept. Snails have carried out whole lives while it boots. So I have re-installed as a solely linux box, and swapped it for my testing set-up after confirmation from above. Set up all the Samba stuff and couldn't get the network to go. Then I remembered you have to let eth0 go through the firewall. Arrgh memories! Cooking with gas after that. My original machine has a happy user on it now who's using windows of course - better give him a username and password - see what he does.


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