Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Backed up the various file on the laptop. Worked out how to change the BIOS settings. SUSE opened up easily. Window Partition could not be changed. Was a bit sceptical of going ahead with an install so fooled about with partitioning tool. It wouldn't let me divide the partition.

Went to
Suse to get some knowledge

Got the idea to re-size hard disc partition in windows prior to installation. Found that scandisc has been renamed to check disc. Have scanned the HD and deleted files. Have Defragged. Next thing is to switch off virtual memory but it looks as if you can only reduce it down to 2 MB

I've just noticed the settings for partitioning - these look similar to what was done for the previous work station that was converted to fedora:

Format Partition /dev/hda3 12.4 GB (for / with reiser)
Format Partition /dev/hda2 258.8 MB (for swap)
Format Partition /dev/hda3 23.6 MB (for /boot with ext2)

The Initial Size of the swap file in windows was 360 MB
The Maximun Size of the swap file in windows was 720 MB

I'm reloading SUSE to see if we can get somewhere. Well everything looks OK now I've swap files and the hard disc seems to have the right amount of partitioning to be ok, so I'm 29 minutes from finding out...


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