Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'll have to check out Mambo for tutorials on its change management engine. Its so long since I used it - and I used it only for a short while that I need to review it again. Such is the way with things you don't use often!

Monday, September 05, 2005


Ventured into the world of mail from the command line. Worked out that sendmail was not on, so couldn't send or receive any mail. Worked out how to start up an mbox and check messages. So I had got all those messages that I was sending from learning crond! Yay!


Well I've got to work out how cron works to get my backup system finally sorted. So I'm learning how to create a crontab and get the ball rolling. Well I've done everything correctly but don't seem to be getting any response. I tried the entry

11 * * * * echo "You should get it by now"

Maybe it will only work as root until you specify who to allow and who not to?...
Nope not the case...
Maybe its something to do with mail?...
Will have to learn mail first (sigh)...

Friday, September 02, 2005


Cracked using the public/private key SSH last thing today. I think the major reason why I wasn't getting it to work was the American spelling of the "authorized_keys" file. What a dork. Should have been the first thing I checked. Just goes to show, our illustrious Prime Minature, Johnny Hs' insistence on kids learning the "correct" way to spell these days runs completely amok when it comes to SSH and similar command spellings that applications born from US soil share! Guess all prospective Australian geeks should be learning American English.