Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Using Citrix For Fedora 14

This took ages to work out.
As root you can't just go to your Downloads folder and
yum install --nogpgcheck ./ICAClient-11.100-1.i386.rpm
as it will need the libXm.so.4 dependency and fail
Something that has that is openmotif
So install openmotif first from
I used the http://www.openmotif.org/files/public_downloads/openmotif/2.3/2.3.3/openmotif-2.3.3-1.fc12.i686.rpm
This went easily via the gui download install ...
Then su -
[root@... Downloads]# yum install --nogpgcheck ./ICAClient-11.100-1.i386.rpm
and things run smoothly


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